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Today, psychology has various tools that are able to promote social or psycho-social projects.

Based on ethnopsychiatry theories (Devereux, Ròheim...), culture-free technics, clinical engineering tools... intercultural psychology aims to consider human in an universal way doubled with important cultural tendancies. In this point of view, social projects will need to associate personnality theories and psychodynamic approach with ethnology researches which describes and articulate cultural realities.

Based on i) psychology knowledge, ii) cultural analysis and iii) project management, this multi-factor approach is communly accepted in human development projects, but requiers specialized structure which apply specific knowledge and experience which and universitary references.


Here you will find some sample of missions we provide which can be integrated in wider company/organization's programs.

We separate our activities in three main families:


1. Missions directly related to populations in needed

- Individual and group consultations

- Counselling

- Psycho-education

- Community assistance

2. Missions focuses on company/organization's staff

- Training

- Practice analysis

- Feedback support (briefing / debriefing)

- Supervision

3. Participation in the development of missions with company/organization's decideurs

- Program building assistance

- Consulting

- Missions evaluation


Our fields mainly cover clinical psychology, child psychology and specific psychopathology.

To find out more about us and see how we can help you, please send an email to the adress below:





The Center for Psychological Studies in Tokyo (2012)
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