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The Center for Psychological Studies in Tokyo is a private psychology office established in Tokyo (Japan) in October 2010 by Nicolas Bosc. The objective of the center is to provide services related to psychology and interculturalism to the Japanese population and the international community based in Japan, and specially the French speaking one.

Nicolas Bosc was born in Paris in 1976 and has French nationality.

During his academic and professional background, he studied general psychology and got specialized in clinical psychology and in issues related to interculturalism.

He holds a Ph.D in psychology, graduated from the University of Paris VIII where he defended his doctoral thesis (doctoral school "Cognition, language and interaction"), and is clinical psychologist, graduated of the School of Practitioner Psychologists of Paris. He also holds a postgraduate research degree in psychology and psychopathology from the University of Paris VIII (department "Interaction and influence processes"). He is registred with the French national directory ADELI.

He worked for five years in Vietnam (2004-2009) on a cooperation project runned by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs which aimed to open and develop public centers of psychological counseling for the Vietnamese population. In addition he was a lecturer in psychology at National University of Vietnam in Hanoi.

In 2009 he went to work in Cambodia where he was responsible of the psychology department of an NGO specializing in human trafficking and psycho-social care. In parallel, he was a lecturer in psychology at the Royal University of Phnom Penh.

The Center for Psychological Studies in Tokyo is a member of the French Psychological Society and the International Mental Health Professionals Japan (IMHPJ). It is working with different French and Japanese institutions in Tokyo as the French Embassy in Japan, the French International School in Tokyo...

Since 2012, Nicolas Bosc is an Associate Professor in Psychology at Temple University, Japan Campus (Tokyo).




The Center for Psychological Studies in Tokyo (2012)
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